Çka Ka Qëllu


For an experience like no other, head to Çka Ka Qëllu located in the Bronx. Owner Ramiz Kukaj was inspired to open his restaurant when his son asked him where he could take his friends for authentic Albanian cuisine. In his research, Ramiz came up empty handed and decided it would become his life’s mission to bring Albanian cuisine and culture to NYC. After years of collecting 18th and 19th century Albanian artifacts to decorate the space, Çka Ka Qëllu is now one of the most unique restaurant/museum experiences in the city. 

People In This Episode

Ramiz Kukaj, Owner

Ramiz Kukaj, Owner


Food & Drink In This Episode

We’ve got to remember what happened, and we all do. But we cannot let that stop us from moving forward.
— Ramiz Kukaj

About the Region

Ramiz immigrated to the United States from Kosovo and is proud to be bringing Albanian food and culture to NYC.



Location & Details

Çka Ka Qëllu
2321 Hughes Ave, The Bronx, NY 10458

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Episode Credits

Photography: Alyssa Broadus & Chris Dolt

Host: Danielle Lehman

Produced by: Oliver J. Hughes