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This week, we sat down with Chrissy Nucum from KC Pinoy, a Filipino restaurant in the West Bottoms. While Filipinos are the second largest Asian American group in the United States, it’s actually a bit of a challenge to find a traditional Filipino restaurant in many cities across the US. So since most Americans are relatively unfamiliar with Filipino food, Chrissy gives us a little 101 lesson on the cuisine, and she shares with us what makes her family’s recipes unique. Get ready to open your mind, fill your belly—and even if you think you know something about Filipino food, you might find a few surprises on the KC Pinoy menu.

People In This Episode

Chrissy Nucum, Owner & Chef

Chrissy Nucum, Owner & Chef


Food & Drink In This Episode

I’ve always stood by the principal of part of the beauty of exploring a new kind of cuisine is that you keep an open mind to the whole experience. I always tell people, ‘just try it’. All we ask is that you let all preconceptions go of what Filipino food is.
— Chrissy Nucum

About the Region

Chrissy grew up in the Pampanga area of the Philippines and is bringing her grandmother’s recipes to Kansas City.



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KC Pinoy
1623 Gennessee St, Kansas City, MO 64102

Website / Instagram / Facebook / Yelp

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Photography: Alyssa Broadus & Chris Dolt

Host: Danielle Lehman

Post-Production: Resonate Recordings

Recording Studio: Barrel of the Bottoms

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