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 For our first episode, we sat down with Pam Liberda and Darrell Loo at Waldo Thai. Pam is cooking up traditional Northern Thai eats in a funky little strip mall location in Waldo. And Darrell, who you’ll find behind the bar, is slinging signature cocktails featuring ingredients inspired by Pam’s dishes. Both Pam and Darrell gave up their steady career paths to bring Kansas City a unique perspective on Thai food, featuring cuisine from a region that is often overlooked by Americans. If spicy food is on your list, Pam's mouth-watering dishes will check the box.

People In This Episode

Pam Liberda, Owner & Chef

Pam Liberda, Owner & Chef

Darrell Loo, Bar Director

Darrell Loo, Bar Director

Food & Drink In This Episode

If I don’t love myself—if I can’t look at myself and say ‘this is who I am’—then I can never make other people believe in me either.
— Darrell Loo

About the Region

Pam Liberda grew up in Lampang, Thailand and is bringing Northern Thai eats to Kansas City.



Location & Details

Waldo Thai Place
8431 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114

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Episode Credits

Photography: Alyssa Broadus & Chris Dolt

Host: Danielle Lehman

Post-Production: Resonate Recordings

Recording Studio: Barrel of the Bottoms

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